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The National Cheese Exhibition of Trujillo

National Cheese Exhibition

mayo 4, 2017. Category: News, Spanish Cheese

The National Cheese Exhibition of Trujillo (Extremadura) is an annual event which has been celebrated during the first week of May for 28 years now.

This exhibition takes place in the main square of Trujillo which, during those days, gets full of tents inside which cheese makers show and offer their cheeses to be tasted together with beer and wine.   Around a hundred thousand people visit each year the National Cheese Exhibition to enjoy not only the pleasure of tasting cheese, but also the environment surrounding the square.

This National Cheese Exhibition offers many activities to the visitants for them to make the most of the exhibition. This year, from the 28th April to the 1st May, Trujillo undertook activities such as cheese manufacturing workshops for students and housewives, a tasting-contest among the cheeses taking part in the exhibition with four different categories (hard sheep cheese, soft sheep cheese, hard goat cheese and soft goat cheese), artisanal manufacturing demonstrations of how to prepare a raw milk cheese and the preparation of dishes, in which the main ingredient is cheese, in several restaurants.

Most of the cheese makers taking part in the National Cheese Exhibition were farmers who obtain milk from their own goats or sheep. But this is not the only thing they do; they also manufacture their own cheese. This way, all the cheeses shown in this exhibition, are artisanal. Another important aspect to mention is that cheeses of the 3 Protected Designation of Origin that exist in Extremadura (Torta del Casar, Quesos de la Serena and Queso Ibores) were essential part of the exhibition. However, there were not only cheeses from Extremadura, but also from the rest of Spain, so Cabrales, Tetilla or Manchego are some examples of the cheeses that visitors could see in the exhibition. Moreover, the National Cheese Exhibition shows every year cheeses from another country, being Switzerland the invited country for this edition.

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