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Real Manchego Cheese: How to recognize it.

real manchego cheese

abril 6, 2017. Category: News, Spanish Cheese

Manchego Cheese is one of the most famous cheeses among customers at a global level. This cheese has specific features and requirements which make of it a very special cheese.

Unfortunately, more and more cheese are being sold as Real Manchego Cheese while they are just poor counterfeiting of this spectacular product. Subsequently, you will find some tips to identify a real Manchego Cheese when purchasing.

  • Real Manchego Cheese can only be produced in the area of La Mancha stated by the Designation of Origin, which includes a part of the provinces of Ciudad Real, Toledo, Cuenca and Albacete. This area is characterized by having a huge diversity of grasslands which provide to the milk and, therefore, to the cheese, a unique quality, richness and perfume.
  • Real Manchego Cheese has to be made, in full, with sheep’s milk of the Manchega breed. In witness whereof, it has to be indicated on the brand label. Moreover, the word “Manchego” will also appear. Any cheese made with other kind of milk, even if it is sheep’s milk, will not be Manchego Cheese.
  • The external appearance of the Real Manchego Cheese is characterized by having flat sides and a characteristic lattice; a consequence of the esparto with which it is shaped.
  • Real Manchego Cheese must always have a back label of the Manchego Cheese Designation of Origin Regulating Council  This label, which is numbered and with the Regulating Council logo, ensures that the cheese has passed the necessary quality controls.
  • On the back side of a Real Manchego Cheese, it must appear a casein label which assures the full traceability of the product. In addition, it also includes the word Manchego.

In order to avoid frauds when purchasing Manchego Cheese, it is important to pay attention to the aspects mentioned above, as well as to buy it in trustworthy shops, such as the online shop La Gourmeta, which guarantee the authenticity of the cheese.

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