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Organic Manchego Cheese, a limited production treasure

febrero 3, 2017. Category: News, Spanish Cheese

Organic Manchego cheese with PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) coming from an exclusive livestock farming, with limited production for traditional cheese lovers.

Having a small flock of sheep, a shepherd who takes care of the well-being of each of them and a small factory to produce cheese is, nowadays, an extraordinary event. If we add to this fact that it is a Spanish sheep, from the Manchega breed and that for the production of this cheese, only raw milk of these controlled sheep is used, we get an exceptional Organic Manchego cheese. However, if besides all these aspects this cheese is also able to meet the strict requirements needed to get the certification of Artisanal Organic raw milk Manchego cheese, we are facing a genuine Manchego cheese which is unique in its class.

This raw milk cheese, coming from organic livestock, which we are introducing today, is not common since it also has the Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O) Organic Machego Cheese.

What makes this Artisanal and Organic Manchego Cheese so special?

As mentioned above, it is a raw milk cheese. The advantage of this kind of process is that the microorganisms of the milk will ferment it on their own, and during the curing period will provide a wider variety of flavors and aromas than if the milk is pasteurized. Only the factories which meet the strict hygiene requirements, controlled by the health authorities, are allowed to produce ‘Artisanal’ cheeses, meaning that they are produced with raw milk. Moreover, the fact that they come from organic livestock, provide cheeses with unique traditional flavors.

This Artisanal Organic Manchego cheese with PDO has a limited production. Unlike Industrial Manchego cheese produced with pasteurized milk, the milk used for this cheese is scarcer and just a few units are made.

How are the sheep which give the milk of this amazing cheese fed?

As it has been mentioned before, sheep graze freely in wide grasslands of an excellent quality during the whole year. Their feeding is based on plants and wild herbs of these grasslands, what is a guarantee for this unique cheese. It is important to know that, thanks to the precedence of organic livestock, this cheese contributes to the protection of environment.

Is it a healthy cheese?

Artisanal Organic Manchego cheese with PDO is a very healthy cheese because all the nutritional values provided by sheep milk remain in the cheese. The high proteins, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and vitamins A, C, D and E content make this cheese a strongly recommendable foodstuff. It is important to emphasize that sheep’s milk contains more vitamins A, B, C and D than cow’s milk and, furthermore, it contains vitamins B6 and B12.

How many dairy industries have Artisanal Organic Manchego Cheese with PDO in Spain?

Manchego PDO cheese producers in Spain who can produce and age Artisanal Organic Manchego cheese are very few. However, there is just one small factory of traditional cheese in Spain which produces this kind of cheese by using only the milk of their own and controlled sheep. Due to the scarce milk production of this small factory, they have decided to offer their exquisite Artisanal Organic Manchego cheese with PDO under the brand AKKEM in Europe exclusively through a certified online shop. This shop will provide detailed information about this cheese and the best Spanish specialities.

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