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Good news for Cheese Lovers


enero 3, 2017. Category: News, Spanish Cheese

After a long time thinking that cheese is harmful to health and also fattening, science has concluded that these are just myths that have nothing to do with reality. Cheese lovers are in luck; a study by the University of Copenhagen has concluded that a diet rich in cheese can be beneficial for health.

In addition, it has proven that it is not necessary that cheese is low in fat to be healthy.

To carry out such a study, a team of scientists from the University of Copenhagen analyzed a sample of 139 adults for 12 weeks. To do this, they divided the participants into 3 groups: the first group would eat 80 grams a day of cheese with a high fat content, the second would do the same but eating a low fat cheese instead and the last group would not ingest cheese during the duration of the study. On the contrary, they had to eat 90 grams of bread with jam every day. At the end of the study, it was verified that the LDL (bad) cholesterol had not increased in any of the participants. In contrast, HDL (good) cholesterol had varied in the group that had been eating 80 grams of high-fat cheese.

In addition, another study that was also conducted by the University of Copenhagen showed that cheese intake helps to lose weight as it helps to increase intestinal bacteria that accelerate metabolism.

Therefore, once exposed the results of these studies, only remains to prepare a good cheese board and enjoy its benefits.

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