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Is there any cheese tip which you are not following yet?

cheese tip

febrero 28, 2017. Category: Spanish Cheese

One of the top products of every kitchen is cheese. However, we are not always sure if we are keeping it as we should do in order to preserve it in the best conditions. If you follow each cheese tip below you will know how to take cheese at home.

Cheese tip 1: do not store the surplus on the kitchen worktop

This is maybe the most important cheese tip to take into account. It is best to keep cheese in the refrigerator, since the ideal temperature of conservation of the cheese is between 8 and 14 degrees. However, to keep it in good condition, avoiding damages by the dry cold, it must be protected with plastic wrap or, even better, with food paper. It is also important to let the rind breathe so that it will not get bad.

Cheese tip 2: do not serve it without rind

It is important to serve it with rind as this provides us information about the type of cheese.

Cheese tip 3: the quality of a cheese does not depend on its ripening

People usually think that the more mature cheeses are, the better quality, but that is not true, they are simply different cheeses. That is why the most important aspect to take into account when buying a cheese is the personal tastes of each person.

Cheese tip 4:  eat it with bread

It is not a mistake as such to eat cheese without bread, but a disloyalty to the allianccheese-tipe formed by these two products. In fact, there are certain types of breads that go better than others for certain cheeses.

Cheese tip 5: there is no need to cut it always into wedges

It is the most traditional way, but it is not always the most appropriate. The way to cut it will depend on the type of cheese.

Cheese tip 6: The quality of the cheese is not marked by its price.

So do not believe that the most expensive cheese will be the best one. The price is conditioned by the ripening process of the cheese; the more ripened the cheese is, the more expensive. Taking this into account, you can buy a high quality cheese regardless of the price.

Cheese tip 7: do not accompany it with water

Accompanying the cheese with water can make you feel bad as it does not mix well with cheese fats in the stomach. For this reason, it is better to accompany it with beer or white wine.

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